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Branding & Positioning Analysis

At Rankin Business Consultants we know that today businesses are facing unprecedented obstacles.  So many businesses have closed their doors, either temporarily, or in some cases, permanently.  Most of the businesses that have closed their doors forever, could have prevented closure if they had the knowledge to adapt to the current environment with a strategy that will position their business to be successful today and into the future.

We will start with a comprehensive Business Analysis, which includes branding, marketing, merchandising, product mix, personnel, policies and procedures, as well as your profit and loss.  

Once we have completed the Business Analysis, we will meet with your leadership team, and present the results of the evaluation, along with a strategy (In some cases multiple strategies) to help your company get back on the right track.

Colleagues Going Over Plans

Professional Support

At Rankin Business Consultants we offer more than a business analysis, we also offer support for those business needs.  Most small businesses cannot afford to hire for many of the departments that are necessary for their business.  That is where we come in, we offer professional support and guidance for:

  • Human Resources

  • Loss Prevention

  • Leadership Training 

  • Sales Process Training

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Marketing

  • Merchandising

  • Branding


Flexible Payment Options

We know that every business is unique in size and capability; which is why we offer flexible payment options for our clients.​

  • Flexible Monthly Payments

  • Payment Installments

  • Pay as you go (pay for each service as you need it)

  • All inclusive monthly or annual service agreement (most popular)

Flexible Payment Planning
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